Camera in a smartphone – what parameters should it have?

Today, we cannot imagine a mobile phone without a camera. Professionals also take photos with it more and more. If we want to take good photos, we must pay attention to a few basic parameters that a smartphone camera must have.

Megapixels or matrix?

When buying a smartphone with a camera, we most often pay attention to the number of megapixels. Meanwhile, it is an important but the most important parameter of the camera quality. You should also know that the greater the number of megapixels on the matrix, the worse their work is, and thus the worse the quality of the photos.

The size of the matrix is definitely more important. The larger the matrix, the better, while the number of pixels may be smaller. An example may be the latest Xiaomi, equipped with an exceptionally large matrix, supported by innovative technologies. It allows you to take perfect photos with lots of detail.

Get a good lens

Other parameters also determine the quality of photos. One of the most important is a good lens. Usually, smartphone manufacturers provide the brightness of the lens and sometimes the focal length, or actually the focal length equivalent.

The brightness of the lens shows how much light hits the sensor. The brighter the lens, the better the photos will be, especially in low light conditions. It is worth choosing cameras with lenses with a brightness from f / 1.5 to f / 1.8.

In smartphones, the most common focal length is 27 mm, which corresponds to the popular wide-angle lens. Additional lenses are also more and more willingly installed, e.g. those giving a very wide angle or telephoto lenses.

Stabilization and autofocus

When choosing a smartphone, it is worth paying attention to whether the camera has optical image stabilization. It eliminates the impact of shocks, thanks to which our photos are blurry. Vibrations and shaking of the phone are eliminated thanks to the tiny springs on which the lens is mounted.

Whereas the so-called digital stabilization is nothing more than an algorithm that changes the parameters of taking a photo, e.g. by shortening the exposure time.

A very useful option is autofocus, i.e. automatic focusing. Thanks to this function, we can take sharp photos of moving objects. It is worth checking whether this function in the selected camera works quickly and efficiently.

Don’t forget about RAM and a good application

In addition to the optics, very important parameters of the camera in the phone are the RAM memory and the applications that support the device.

The RAM memory should be large enough for the device to work smoothly and quickly. A good processor is also important.

The photo application should be intuitive to use. Access to specific functions should be quick and easy. It is also worth taking a look at the manual setting of photo parameters. If we already have some photographic experience, then thanks to such a function we can take exceptional photos.

Before we choose a smartphone with a camera, let’s think about what we care about the most when taking photos and try to be guided by it. If we have the opportunity, let’s try several cameras and compare the photos. Then we will be able to choose a phone that meets our expectations.

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