We arrange a functional space in the garage

A garage is a place intended for parking a car. However, in practice, it is most often a storage for unused items and a kind of home workshop. Sometimes it is difficult to keep order in the garage, and if we neglect this element, it can turn into a real mess. Today we will tell you how to arrange your garage so that it is clean, tidy and functional.

Furniture in the garage

Basically, we do not need furniture in the garage, unless it serves as a DIY space. Then it is worth to separate a special zone in it, in which we will place a worktop or a table. In stores, we can buy special workbenches that will work perfectly in this role. They have a vertical board on which we can conveniently place various types of tools and utensils. Thanks to this, they will always be in view and at hand, and at the same time will not take up additional space in drawers or shelves. In addition to the table top, a height-adjustable swivel stool will also be useful.

Bicycle holders

If we keep bicycles in the garage, we can save some space on their storage by mounting special brackets on the wall. In this way, they will be conveniently and safely hung in a dedicated place, without taking up any space on the floor. Such handles are also very practical, as they allow you to wash the bike without bending down.

Tool boxes

Many people complain about the disorder in their tools and, if necessary, to use a specific tool, they have to scramble through dozens of different accessories. So it’s worth investing in special boxes for storing tools that will keep them in perfect order. Each utensil will have its own dedicated place, so we will always know where to look for a specific item.

Wall racks and rails

If our garage is used to store a large amount of things, it is worth placing several metal shelves in it, on which we can put plastic boxes with a lid. We can conveniently store small items in boxes. It is enough to describe them well in a visible place to be able to quickly find a specific item.

Metal rails on the wall will also work great, on which you can hang hooks and holders for work clothes, a set of spare tires or other car accessories. A wall board with cuvettes will also be very practical, in which we can store nails, screws and other smaller elements.

How much is the equipment for the garage

Arranging a functional garage that will allow us to control the clutter and make every item in it find its place is an investment that requires a certain financial contribution. When equipping the garage with the above-described worktops, walls, handles and hooks, as well as shelves and organizers for things, we must take into account the cost of about PLN 1,500-2,000. However, this cost will certainly pay off for anyone who spends a lot of time in the garage and is frustrated by the fact that they are always looking for something in it. If we currently lack funds to purchase the necessary accessories, it is worth using an online loan in a small amount, thanks to which we will complete the investment.

An orderly and functional garage is a dream of many of us. With a little work and investment in a few accessories, each of us can create a comfortable and aesthetic space in it.

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