What to do to make your apartment more cozy?

After moving into a new apartment, it takes time to get used to its surroundings. However, it is not necessary to put much effort in order for the foreign four walls to turn into a cozy place where we will be happy to stay and to which we will be happy to come back. Below are some tips to make your M become friendly to you and your guests.

Use warm colors appropriately

Colors can influence our mood and emotions. It’s good to know that colder shades such as violet or dark green visually enlarge the room, while orange, red or brown can make the interior more compact and therefore cozy.

Go towards the light

Light is extremely important in interior design. One lamp in the center of the room is certainly not enough. It is important that there are several light sources. Did you know that you can also optically enlarge or reduce a room this way? If you want it to appear smaller, choose a few smaller lamps. You must know that cozy spaces cannot be made very bright! Here, the most important thing is the climate. Candles are a good idea as they make the interior incredibly warm.

Think in terms of convenience

People interested in interior design are tempted by modern solutions, fashionable gadgets or promotions for interesting furniture. However, it is worth being aware that the issue of coziness is not only about the appearance itself. It is also about whether furniture can increase our sense of psychological comfort.

When you are testing an armchair for a new apartment, imagine reading a book on it and then feeling comfortable. In an ideal world, furniture should be both comfortable and stylish. So let’s compromise on the decor itself.

Details are of great importance

A cozy interior is the one with life. It’s time to take care of the accessories that will give the soul interior. When arranging your apartment, do not forget about the photos that are important to you. The frame is in an interesting frame and put in a prominent place. Almost every shelf loves books – if you don’t like reading them, you can buy them for next to nothing at an antique shop. Also, don’t forget to buy various pillows – big, smaller, colorful… the more the better. They will bring warmth and comfort to the interior. Finally, don’t forget a plant. The presence of plants makes our M appear livelier and more pleasant.

Surround yourself with things you like

The things that are most important to us should be in the center of our apartment. Your home should reflect who you are. Holiday souvenirs, a display stand with a collection of your favorite bands’ records and so on. They are small things, but they bring back memories and reflect your character and interests. Try your best to combine them with the interior design of the apartment, and you will see that your new home will gain warmth and character.

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