Women’s Hats – Which One Will You Choose?

Nothing adds instant style like a hat. It is also perfect for covering loose hair and protecting from the sun. Check out our travel hats styles that will make every trip successful!

Panama hat

This style of hats seemed to be for men only. They are ideal for camping trips and trips, for example, to the forest or to nature in general. You can combine this type of hat with a checked shirt and denim.

Fedora – the perfect headgear?

Everyone should have at least one Fedora. For most travelers, this is a must-have hat – it pairs well with almost anything. Straw hats are perfect for the tropics.

Wide Brim – a hat with a wide brim

A great hat for sunbathing by the pool. It is a must-have for any beach holiday or vacation in a foreign resort. This wide-brimmed hat not only looks great, it is also functional. The sun protection of the head is just as important as a sunscreen cream. A wide hat with a wide brim will protect your face and head from the sun’s rays.

Cloche – a classic that returns to favor?

Women’s hat that will add shine to your styling. Most often you can meet accessories in the form of bows, flowers or feathers, depending on your preferences. Perfect for a trip to the city.


Everyone loves a baseball cap. Hats of this type can be made of many types of material and have a unique style. Decide for yourself whether you like caps with a flat peak or slightly bent in the letter C.

How to pack a hat?

While they’re great for a vacation, hats aren’t always the easiest thing to pack. Some of the hats are easy to lay flat. Most travelers, however, solve this problem by wearing them while traveling. Others fill the interior with items such as socks or underwear and try to put them in a travel bag so that there are no creases.

Women’s hats are a simple way to give yourself a completely new look with one little accessory. Hats will be useful in almost every situation – from holidays at the seaside to a city trip. Just choose the right style.

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