Timeless models of jackets

In early spring, the days can still be quite cold, but with time the day becomes warmer, but in the morning and in the evenings we can still feel cold. Spring jackets are quite thin, but warm enough to provide us with adequate comfort during the changing weather at this time of the year. Let’s see which models of jackets are worth having in your wardrobe, because they never go out of fashion.

Denim katana

Who among us does not know this iconic jacket? This distinctive jacket gained its popularity in the 1980s and is still eagerly worn by most of us today. The denim katanka is a waist-length jacket fastened with metal buttons, with a collar and flap pockets. It looks great with a spring dress, black trousers with abrasions and a t-shirt, creating a fashionable rock & roll outfit.

Katana can also be worn with more formal attire – elegant skinny trousers and a smooth top. By putting on red high heels to such a set, we will get a stunning look.


A parka jacket is a typical temporary garment that will serve us both in spring and early autumn. A parka is a slightly longer jacket that covers the buttocks and has a hood. We like to wear such a jacket both for more elegant styling and for an urban outfit. This season, parks in earth colors: brown, beige, and also in pastel colors are fashionable.


When browsing fashionable spring jackets, it is impossible not to pay attention to the Ramones jacket. It is the common name for a motorcycle jacket, the first model of which was designed as early as 1928. Although it was initially used as motorcycle clothing, as intended, with time it has become a symbol of rock & roll and heavy metal music, fitting into the canon of fashion for good. However, the name of this jacket comes from the Ramones team, which popularized this model of clothing on a large scale.

The Ramones jacket is a leather jacket with a characteristic diagonal zipper and double lapels.

The Ramones jacket looks great both in a rock version and a more elegant one, worn with a dress or an airy, chiffon blouse. We can successfully combine it with almost any type of clothing. Currently, ramones are available in various colors: black, white, red or beige. Biker jackets made of suede are also popular, they are slightly thinner and more delicate, and at the same time more elegant.

Bomber jacket

Another timeless jacket model is the bomber jacket. It is a short jacket with a drawstring at the waist and at the end of the sleeves, as well as on the collar. It has slit pockets on the sides and often one side pocket on the shoulder. The bomber jacket is a loose, urban model that looks great as an element of an everyday outfit. We can wear it with jeans, mini skirts or shorts, it will look good with ballerinas and sports shoes. People who like to stand out from the crowd will wear high heels with a contrasting color to the bomber jacket.

The most popular are khaki, burgundy and black bombers, but now we can buy them in almost any color.

A wide selection of spring jackets means that everyone will find something for themselves. The above models are present in fashion trends in almost every season, so each of them will certainly serve us for years.

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