Black dress styles – mini guide

We all have a little black dress or two, right? We can style a black dress in countless ways, but today I’m sharing with you three different ways to completely change your look by wearing the same black dress, going from day to work to night!

So let’s check what to look for when buying a black dress. For me, the most important aspect of a black dress is the quality of the fabric. Generally, the heavier and tighter the fabric is sewn, the better. This will give you a more streamlined cut and give you a high-quality look. Heavier fabrics are usually more expensive than lightweight fabrics, but if you know you’ll be wearing this dress for a long time, it’s worth spending a little more on buying it.

Most women should have at least a few dresses in their wardrobe because black dresses are so versatile. You must have a black casual dress (made of knitted or cotton) and a more formal black dress (made of nylon or polyester sheath style). With a lighter casual dress and a more structured formal dress, you are ready for many occasions. Check below how you can style the same dress to look completely different during the day, at work and at night!

Day dress

Since this dress lends itself to being baggy and loose, you can add a light and skinny woven brown belt fabric to give it a better silhouette. Add to that a necklace, simple earrings, and cute wedge heels, and you’re ready to go out. Put your hat on during the day when you are out shopping or strolling downtown. This instantly makes your look WOW. It’s a little secret if you feel you are missing something in your outfit: add a cute hat and BOOM! Instant fashionista.

For an evening in town

Evening outings – a super shiny necklace in a costume, gray heels with stripes and you will immediately feel like a diva. You can add a pink bow strap to make it fun or cute buckles and you’re ready to go! Overall, your daytime look can be turned into a nighttime look by changing your shoes and jewelry. Add color and glowing accessories and have fun.

For work

Lastly, and probably your favorite look is an understated but still fabulous work outfit. Swap your shoes for pumps and add a long heather gray cardigan. Adding a long cardigan or blazer to a casual dress can help give you a more formal look. Add a purse or purse to that. Complete the look with simple necklaces and you’ll be stylish and ready to go.

When you get the chance, take a look at your wardrobe and those dresses you think are only meant for weekends. I bet there are quite a few of these dresses that you can use for work, shopping, or for a date. Take a look at the power of accessories! Play with your clothes and try them on in many combinations.

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