Find your own style

Do you look at your wardrobe and think it’s one big mish-have? Nothing fits together and it is difficult to make more purchases because it comes down to the same, i.e. subsequent clothes that do not match the rest? The problem may be that you don’t really know what you really like to wear. Let me help you.

Where to start?

A wardrobe overview is essential. At the very beginning, start by putting away those clothes that you haven’t worn in a long time and you feel that it will not change. Keep in mind, however, that you won’t get to know your style 100% today. This will require a bit of patience and time. Thanks to this, you will get a reliable and true assessment of your current style and learn what to change. When you carefully go through and sort your clothes, it’s time for the second step – testing.


Testing is about finding out about the clothes you choose to leave in your closet. If there are a lot of them, make several groups and test each one for another for about a week. This means that in the evening, the day before going to work or university, carefully prepare the kit you will wear. Use different combinations of the same clothes – change only one or 2 elements and see how they look. Take a picture of yourself every day. Memory is fleeting, and you probably don’t want to forget a nice kit that came out completely unexpectedly. Testing may take several weeks. In addition to evaluating the overall appearance, pay attention to how you feel about the combination. Are you uncomfortable or limiting? It is important to feel comfortable with what you are wearing.

Get inspired

While testing, browse the internet for inspiration. Write down the ones you like and try to imitate them. You can also create a list where you will save clothes that are missing in your wardrobe and are necessary to achieve a specific look. If any items appear repeatedly, it is a clear sign that you should consider purchasing them.

Analysis and evaluation

When the testing phase is over and you have checked almost all possible combinations that you can create based on your wardrobe, move on to the final stage – analysis, evaluation and drawing conclusions. Review the photos you have taken and sort them. You can create a ranking and rate them on a scale of 1-5. Even though you will probably rate these as the maximum number of points, do it as well and evaluate the outfits found on the Internet. Once you’ve done this, you’ll likely be able to draw conclusions. See repeatability. Perhaps you like to mark your waist and you had a belt in most styles, or you were always accompanied by sporty or elegant accessories. After collecting so much material, you can certainly answer this question. Complete your wardrobe with clothes from the list, but try to choose them in such a way that you can get as many different styles as possible from them.

By following the described method, you can easily judge what your style is. Create yourself a Pinterest board or save Instagram posts. Thanks to this, you will be able to constantly observe how your style changes and adjust subsequent purchases to your needs and expectations before visiting the stores.

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